6 Reasons To Outsource Your OHS Management

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6 Reasons To Outsource Your OHS Management

6 Reasons To Outsource Your OHS Management

Occupational health and safety (OHS) management is one of the most important aspects of business management. Adding a professional OHS consultant can mean the difference between simply ticking the boxes and creating a more physically, mentally and socially safe work environment – while potentially saving you thousands.

This article will look at six compelling reasons to outsource your OHS management.

Outsourced OHS Management versus In-House OHS Management


Outsourced OHS Management
In-house OHS Management
Annual cost
Professional service
Cross-industry expertise
Guaranteed uninterrupted service


Benefits of outsourcing your OHS management

Outsourcing your OHS management can bring far more benefits than a safe working environment – it can impact your bottom line and give you more opportunities to grow your business. Below are six reasons to outsource your OHS management.

Save tens of thousands of dollars

An OHS management retainer costs roughly $2,000 per month. When compared with the average annual salary of an in-house OHS manager, your savings could top $100,000 a year, not to mention the money you’ll save on holiday pay, sick pay, superannuation and other associated costs of keeping an in-house OHS professional.

The average salary for a full-time health and safety manager in Australia is $110,000 – $130,000. This six-figure salary is beyond the reach of most SMEs. By outsourcing your OHS management you can access the same expertise for a fraction of the price. By keeping an OHS manager on retainer or paying for ad hoc safety management projects and only paying for the services you need, you can ensure professional safety management for your operation without having to pay a full-time employee.

Uninterrupted management and scalable services

As your business grows, your OHS management should scale with you. If your management needs increase, your outsourced OHS management provider can deliver supplemental services to keep up with demand. As a bonus, your business will receive uninterrupted services regardless of any personal changes at your company. Often, businesses are left scrambling to replace management team members – by outsourcing, you can ensure a continual, uninterrupted OHS management service.

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Keep up with changing industry needs

Many business owners find themselves struggling to keep pace with ever-changing workplace health and safety needs. From more emphasis on mental and social well-being to the pressures to continually monitor, assess and improve, it can be challenging to keep up.

The ISO 45001 principle of continuous improvement sees businesses constantly needing to reassess and augment their existing OHS management. With the help of any outsourced OHS manager, you can benefit from their expertise and the combined knowledge of the company they work for, providing you with a pool of knowledge.

Free up more time for core business activities

Small business owners often need to wear multiple hats and will try to take on safety management themselves. By outsourcing your OHS management you free up more time to spend on value-adding core business initiatives, big picture thinking and day-to-day operations.

Create a safer workplace

A core reason to outsource your OHS management is, naturally, to create a safer workplace. An outsourced OHS manager can provide value-adding advice and increase your workplace’s social, physical and mental safety.

Benefit from a broad range of experience

OHS managers who look after multiple clients have a distinct advantage over in-house safety managers: their breadth of expertise. When an OHS manager works across multiple clients and diverse industries, they benefit from enhanced insights, learnings and experience. They will likely have worked with businesses of similar scopes to yours and can deliver valuable insights and also apply their learnings from clients across all industries.

Outsourced OHS Management

Who should outsource their OHS management?

  • SMEs who can’t justify the expense of a full-time or part-time OHS manager
  • Any business that wants uninterrupted OHS management
  • Any business that wants to keep up with the latest OHS best practices

Outsourced OHS management with BusinessBasics

At BuinessBasics, we offer the following outsourced OHS Management services:

  • Full outsourced safety management – Use BusinessBasics as your outsourced safety department
  • Safety training and consultation – Let us take care of all business and site safety training and inductions
  • Safety audits – We can perform all internal system audits and site safety audits or inspections

We can also provide the same services for quality management and environmental management, helping you to integrate all compliance requirements and minimise your administrative burden.

BusinessBasics’ OHS consultants can even provide these services as part of a subscription service with small monthly direct debits. Ask us about our outsourced OHS management services today.

Learn more about outsourced OHS management with BusinessBasics and get in touch today