Do you need to undertake a skills matrix of your staff to help with planning?

Do you need to undertake a skills matrix of your staff to help with planning?

Knowing where you have skills gaps in your employees is difficult to gauge if you don’t know what their skills are in the first place. And it makes planning for the future of your organisation almost impossible!

We offer a wide range of flexible training options for our clients, however for your organisation to see the benefits of this training you need to ensure you are providing your staff with upskilling in the right areas.

The first step should be to undertake a simple skills matrix of your staff to determine what training would be most beneficial.

What skills you review should be specific to your business, but as an example you would need to:

  1. Determine a rating

For example 1 equals no training required through to 5 meaning they need training.

  1. Decide what are the most crucial skills

This depends on what area you are reviewing, but if you were looking at administration staff it may be Word, Excel, Safety, Communication, Safety etc

  1. Review the skills of your chosen staff against the rating

This may require discussions with staff or your HR department

Once this is completed you can get a fuller picture of where your training is in most needed and then put a plan in place.

An added benefit of a skills matrix is that you will often discover that staff in a certain role may actually have skills in another area that aren’t being used. You have then discovered a cost-effective way to backfill roles when staff are on leave, you have created a succession plan for certain roles and you are providing new challenges for the staff you already have.

Is it time for you to undertake a skills matrix?

If you would like to discuss planning options for your organisation, please get in touch.