Have you sent an email to the wrong person?

Have you sent an email to the wrong person?

We don’t know about you, but all of us in the BusinessBasics team have at one time or another sent an email to the wrong person. Generally this hasn’t been a problem as the content of the email isn’t confidential or negative, but there are cases when you’re not that lucky.

The Harvard Business Review recently posted an article that covered this very scenario. The biggest tip to come from this article was that you need to own your mistake, rather than hide from it or ignore it. And make sure you provide a sincere apology!

Some tips we have to avoid making an email error in the future include

  • If you are forwarding an email to someone new, ensure you check the body of the email for any information that is not relevant or may not be public knowledge.
  • We suggest keeping negativity out of any emails, but if you feel the urge to vent about something, ensure you don’t hit ‘reply all’ and that your email is addressed to the right recipient.
  • When using ‘auto-fill’ for typing in an email address, double-check that you’ve chosen the right person.
  • Don’t write an email in anger! There are too many stories of someone writing an email they have no intention of sending, only for it to fall into the wrong hands.

Do you have any other tips or tricks you’ve picked up over the years? Or perhaps a story from personal experience where it all went wrong? We’d love to hear from you!