Variety Bash | Durka Merca (Car323) Diary 20 May 2015

Variety Bash | Durka Merca (Car323) Diary 20 May 2015

Yesterday was not a good day for me. Unfortunately I am very unwell and require an urgent transplant.

After much searching by my team yesterday, a part was located in Brisbane airfreighted overnight. The part arrived this morning and I am about to undergo surgery, with everyone nervously awaiting the outcome.

We’d all love to hit the road this afternoon and by on our way to Condobolin via the bitumen.

At breakfast this morning we came across another Bash crew who had left Mildura and were heading to Condobolin via the bitumen after also sustaining damage. Reports are that approximately six cars retired hurt yesterday.



After my transplant surgery I am back on the road (to recovery) the crew and I made a late night dash for Condobolin so that we could rejoin the festivities. We arrived late I went to bed while the crew proceed to the big top where Shannon Knowles was entertaining the Bashers (Adam is pictured with Shannon).

I think after the last couple of days I just want to to rest my wheels and spend a quiet night convalescing, so I can hit the ground tomorrow. For breakfast we are off to Condobolin Public School and I can’t wait.  Well that will about do it for now . Night Night everybody from the Durka Merca….