Variety Bash | Durka Merca (Car323) Diary WrapUp

Variety Bash | Durka Merca (Car323) Diary WrapUp

Wow what an awesome trip the crew and I had, no more problems after Yeoval and we made it all the way home to Newcastle.

The fuel tank patch held and the last day was a leisurely drive back to where it all started, on Newcastle foreshore.

While I had had a well earned break in the driveway the crew were off to the BASH dinner. As I had a few hiccups during this trip I think I will take myself off to the ‘day spa’ (ie mechanic) for a well deserved pamper.

So to all my loyal followers – thank you! The crew and I will be back next year bigger and better.

The Newcastle Variety Bash raised $720,000 to help local sick and disadvantaged kids and the crew and I are proud to have been involved.

So to kick off the fundraising for next year the crew will be holding a QMS Certification Services & Business Basics Golf Day 2015 at Belmont Golf Course on the Friday, 23 October 2015 – hope to see you there!

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