How Mango’s warehouse management system can improve your businesses’ performance

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How Mango’s warehouse management system can improve your businesses’ performance

Managing a warehouse can be an enormous task – even more so if you’re managing multiple warehouses across the state, the country, or even the world. There are many facets of the business you need to monitor including inventory, supply chain fulfilment, staff member training and management, compliance, and more.

With this in mind, it’s crucial to have a reliable, real-time warehouse management system in place to help keep track of warehouse performance and operation.

At BusinessBasics, we’re official partners of Mango, Australia’s top warehouse management system which offers seamless workflow management, safe cloud-based storage of sensitive documents, and use across multiple platforms.

We can vouch for the benefits of a cloud-based warehouse management system (WMS). In this article, we take a deep dive into how WMS like Mango can help improve the performance of your business, while also making your everyday workload a lot lighter.

#1. Seamless integration with your existing management systems

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Mango is an HSEQ management system, which means it is designed to help with the management and implementation of your health, safety, environment, and quality management systems in one simple, streamlined platform.

The system can be integrated with your existing management systems, allowing you to manage and maintain these systems with ease. Integrating your management systems can save you both time and effort; for example, you can combine internal audits, maintain a single manual, keep a single database of incidents, and more.

Through this cloud-based platform, you can store, update, and access your compliance documentation and management systems online, so whether you’re working in the warehouse or working from home, you have complete visibility over warehouse efficiency.

#2. You and your team members alike can access the WHS software remotely

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The major benefit of the Mango warehouse management software is that you and your team can access it on the go. Mango is accessible on computers, tablets, and even on your smartphone via the Mango app.

The app allows you to record accidents, audits, inspections, incidents, customer complaints, non-conformances, improvements, and risks from anywhere, so you can keep track of warehouse performance and customer satisfaction even when you’re not on-site to oversee daily operations.

Mango’s app can be used to:

  • Report accidents and incidents in real-time: you can record incidents via your smartphone as they happen and create simple reports including photos and images from your phone.
  • Record results from audits and inspections: Mango will remind you when an audit is due, so you can input audit results and notes straight into the app. Then, Mango will notify the internal or external reviewer to ensure your warehouse is operating at peak performance.
  • Improve reporting and investigation: when issues arise, you can create action items for your team members and keep track of progress via your smartphone. Team members can also upload images and photos as they work through internal improvements.
  • Risk management reporting and investigation: any risks you’ve identified can be recorded on your smartphone. Plus, you can create simple reports of your findings so more improvements can be made to business operations.

#3. Process improvements can be made on the spot and saved with ease

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Using traditional spreadsheets, many business owners have reported a delay in implementing actions and improvements. However, the cloud-based nature of warehouse management software allows you to make continuous improvements to internal processes in real-time, ensuring your warehouse operations are as efficient as possible at all times.

You and your employees can report complaints, non-conformances, and improvements in real-time, rather than waiting days or even weeks to see a positive change.

Mango will alert employees online and via email when there’s an action or change that needs to be made. Then, once the action has been assigned, you can keep track of progress through intelligent workflows marked as:

  • Investigation
  • Corrective action
  • Verification
  • Close off.

This will ensure your warehouse is always ISO compliant and working at peak efficiency. No more waiting around – just fast, actionable, and scalable improvements.

#4. All your documents are in one place – no more lost documents in your disc drive or filing cabinet

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As your business grows, traditional paperwork and file management systems will no longer be viable. You can’t afford to lose important documents or sensitive information in a pile of paperwork, or an overloaded disc drive. This could be damaging for your business, your team members, your customers, and your stakeholders.

With Mango, you can store all of your important documents and access them with ease, while keeping them safe and secure. In line with ISO 27001, Mango offers user-based access levels to prevent unauthorised access, meaning information theft and hacking is better controlled.

Team members will also have their own secure logins, so you can keep track of who is using the platform. You can also prevent unauthorised team members from accessing certain reports and documents, so they can see as much information is necessary for their work and keep important documents secure.

With ISO 27001 certification and Mango in tow, you’ll develop a competitive advantage over your competitors. You’re the business stakeholders and customers can trust.

Allow us to help set up your new Mango warehouse management system

It’s time to take a positive step with your warehouse management. BusinessBasics are official partners with Mango, so we can assist with the set-up and integration of your new warehouse management system.

Simply sign up via the Mango website and we’ll do the rest – we’ll set you up for success and ensure you and your team know how to use the WMS software on a daily basis.

Mango will be the game changer for your compliance team. With certifications to ISO 9001 and ISO 27001, your team can rest assured knowing your data is safe and secure.

Get in touch for more information about Mango, or for assistance with setting up the program.

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