Our Values

The BusinessBasics Core Values

  • No B.S.
  • Keep it simple
  • Constantly strive for better
  • Commitment and accountability
  • Have some fun

No B.S.

Borrowed from ultra-successful Australian software firm Atlassian, this value is closely related to “keep it simple”. Honesty, transparency and integrity are key to the way we interact with our clients, the public and ourselves. Simple.

Keep it simple

Our number one core value and motto is “KEEPING BUSINESS SIMPLE”. Whether it is the design of a client management system, the provision of an IT project or the way we manage our internal processes – keeping it simple is our starting point and our end goal.

Constantly strive for better

Use “best fit” solutions for our clients; constantly question assumptions; always looking for better outcomes; adapt to our clients’ needs; move fast, respond quickly.

Commitment and accountability

Be self motivated and driven; show an entrepreneurial spirit; learn from our mistakes; have a commitment to learning; listen to feedback; be transparent with information.

Have some fun
Enjoy life; make others happy; have a positive impact on the community.