NSW WHS Guidelines Audit

NSW WHS Guideline certification

With the NSW government injecting billions into the construction industry, there’s never been a more lucrative time to undertake government contracts.

Compliance with NSW WHS Guidelines is essential for all contractors tendering for NSW government construction projects – and for gaining more privately funded projects too.

At BusinessBasics, we can ensure your organisation meets all NSW WHS requirements and issue a certificate of compliance.

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About the NSW Work Health and Safety (WHS) Guidelines

The NSW government’s WHS guidelines aim to improve construction industry safety. They’re designed to take a consistent approach to WHS across the entire construction industry, mitigate safety risks and support the government’s WHS laws.

Who needs to comply

Any construction company tendering for a NSW government contract must meet the NSW WHS guidelines. There are different requirements for tenders under $1 million and over $1 million.

With the current NSW government budget containing the largest ever stipulation for building and construction, and with its planned construction of dozens of schools, hospitals and infrastructure projects, there’s never been a better time for construction companies in NSW.

Any contractors wishing to participate in these NSW government-funded projects must comply with the NSW WHS Guidelines.

How to use the Guidelines

The NSW WHS Guidelines are designed to be used by contractors during the planning and implementation of their safety management systems and WHS management plans. Contractors should audit their organisation against the guidelines and provide evidence to prove their compliance.

How we can help

Our Exemplar Global registered team will ensure your organisation meets all NSW WHS Guideline requirements. We’ll conduct a thorough audit to ensure your safety performance is aligned with NSW government requirements and provide you with clear steps to achieve certification.

Auditing and certification process

With our help, bringing your WHS management system and WHS Management Plan up to speed is simple. Our experts will thoroughly audit your current WHS management system and plan against the NSW WHS guidelines. We’ll help you gather all necessary information and evidence and prepare your application. Once you’ve submitted your application, we’ll issue a certificate of compliance stating that your organisation’s work health and safety practices align with NSW government requirements.

1. Audit

We’ll audit your safety management system and identify any areas of non-compliance that need to be addressed by your team.

2. Audit report submitted

We’ll submit a detailed audit report and prepare a brief statement affirming you’ve met the guideline’s requirements.

3. Certificate of compliance issued

You’ll receive a certificate of compliance stating that your organisation complies with the NSW WHS guidelines.

Safety management systems and plans with BusinessBasics

The NSW WHS Guidelines require contractors to have compliant WHS management systems and management plans. At BusinessBasics, our experienced team will help you develop and implement a compliant safety management system and plan to ensure you’re ready to take on NSW government construction projects. 

Our construction industry experts can:

  • Audit your current WHS management system
  • Develop and implement an accredited WHS management system 
  • Audit your current WHS management plan
  • Develop and implement a new WHS management plan
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Why choose BusinessBasics?

Our team has decades of experience in the construction industry. We’ve helped countless organisations improve their safety management, not only through NSW Guidelines compliance but through ISO 45001 and OFSC accreditation as well. 

We’ll match your organisation with a highly experienced specialist in your field, ensuring a personalised experience and added value for your business. We’re also certified Mango software consultants and can design and implement a world-class cloud-based safety management system for your company. 

We don’t just offer WHS management systems, either. Our team can help design and implement an ISO-compliant environmental management system and quality management system, provide consulting services, team training and more.


Who needs to comply with the NSW government’s WHS guidelines?

Any construction company and its contractors undertaking NSW government work must comply with NSW WHS Guidelines. 

Compliant safety management systems and WHS plans are a prerequisite for NSW government construction projects. Any NSW Government Construction Agencies and their contractors must use Guideline-compliant WHS Management Systems.

Companies undertaking privately funded construction projects are not obliged to obtain NSW WHS Guideline certification. However, as these guidelines are designed to improve safety across the construction industry, it’s recommended that all construction companies comply with the guidelines and implement compliant safety management systems.

Is my safety management system compliant with NSW government WHS Guidelines?

Your management system may already be compliant with NSW WHS Guidelines if you have an ISO 45001 compliant WHS management system or if your WHS management system has current accreditation with the Office of the Federal Safety Commissioner.

If you’re unsure whether your management system is compliant or not, we recommend conducting a NSW WHS Guidelines audit.

What is a WHSMP?

WHSMP stands for work health and safety management plan. A WHSMP is an actionable set of processes, procedures and plans designed to manage an organisation’s health and safety in a systematic way. These plans can cover areas such as risk minimisation, onboarding processes, training requirements and more.

How long will my NSW WHS certification last?

Your NSW WHS Guidelines certificate of compliance will be valid for two years from the date of issue. You will need to obtain re-certification every two years to remain compliant.

What are the benefits of following NSW WHS Guidelines?

There are a number of benefits to the NSW government’s WHS Guidelines including:

  • Improves safety results for all members of the construction sector
  • Institutes a consistent minimum standard across all building projects funded by the NSW government that industry participants must meet 
  • Assists construction contractors in utilizing a safety management system which leads to fewer accidents
  • Supports NSW government agencies in demonstrating they are fulfilling their obligations under workplace health and safety regulations
  • Lessens the possibility of accidents and their resultant costs
  • Decreases public liability insurance premiums
  • Improves the management of health and safety risks, both presently and in the future
  • Provides a secure and comfortable work environment for employees.

Become NSW WHS certified and undertake government-funded projects with BusinessBasics

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