Safety Audits

What is a safety audit?

Safety audits are a review of a businesses’ current safety standards, procedures, and day to day activities. The audit compares these against the relevant legislation to ensure compliance.

The safety audit will identify any gaps in a safety management system and show a business where safety standards and procedures can be improved.

safety audit

Why are safety audits beneficial to a business?

Safety audits are beneficial to any business with a quality management system. Conducting regular safety audits will ensure a business is continually reviewing and improving their systems.

Take a look at our dedicated blog post on 5 reasons why you must audit your business.

In addition to the system-based benefits of safety audits, a regular safety audit of the business will demonstrate a dedication to providing your staff and stakeholders with a safe work environment. This is hugely beneficial for improving staff morale.

If your business wants to improve on quality management processes, audits are an excellent way of discovering gaps in the system.

What audits do BusinessBasics provide?

BusinessBasics specialises in compliance and management solutions for organisations of all sizes, covering all industries. We can help any business with:

  • general safety audits
  • site safety audits
  • project audits
  • contractor and supplier safety audits

Our highly experienced team of consultants and auditors can even help develop your audit tools including safety audit and project audit apps, audit checklists and non-conformance reporting and action systems.

We have a staff of experienced consultants and auditors, dedicated to providing the right solution for your business.


What industries require safety audits?

Our business consulting services can be used by a variety of industries, including civil construction, mining, distribution and logistics, manufacturing and allied health services. Our consultants have the relevant industry experience to ensure we can effectively service any business.

We can help your business no matter the size or the location – we can come to you. Our range of consultants have extensive experience in a wide variety of industries.

Contact us today and ask us how we can help you grow your business with our audits.

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