Mango - the preferred HSEQ Management System

Businesses utilising management systems have the ongoing challenge of finding a system that safely stores processes, documentation and forms to demonstrate compliance. There are a number of workflows that can live in multiple locations, with no centralised access point for all this valuable information. If any documentation is lost, you risk being non-compliant – it’s a risk your business can’t afford to take.

Mango is the solution.

Designed as a cloud based HSEQ management system, this system integrates your management system documentation through the use of online forms, registers, workflows. Your team also has the ability to complete this information through the use of a mobile device using the Mango app.

All of your business’ QHSE compliance documentation can live in one solution. Your business can integrate and automate workflows, as well as maintain your compliance documentation (no more lost versions floating on your disc drive!) Your business can save precious hours required for compliance management as you are removing any double handing, multiple data entry, and multiple versions. Mango is the one place for everything.


How do I use Mango?

The team at Businessbasics are official partners of Mango – this means we can help you do it all! Once you sign up to their website we can set you up and off you go.

Mango will be the game changer for your compliance team. With certifications to ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 your team can rest assured your data will be safe and secure.

I am just starting out with compliance, should I sign up to Mango?

If your business is just dipping its toes into the waters of compliance, there is no better time to set up your documentation through Mango!

Save your business endless hours of building spreadsheets and workflows only to move onto a centralised platform later – build your compliance documentation within Mango and rest assured knowing you have saved hours of work from your life (so you can focus on the things that really matter). Even better – give us a call and our team of compliance experts can build your management system and documentation for you in Mango! We can train your team in how to use the system for ease of mind.

Get in touch with our team today and we will let you know how we can help you improve your management system with the help of Mango.

How our ISO 9001 certification consultants can help achieve your goals

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