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What is an integrated management system?

Integrated management systems are simply a system which contains all aspects of an organisation’s existing systems into one unified framework.

Many businesses have more than one management system in operation. In order to streamline processes and procedures, implementing an integrated management system ensures all aspects of your management systems are in the one place.

Why is an integrated management system beneficial to my business?

Efficiency is a huge benefit of implementing an integrated management system. With all your procedures and policies covered by the one framework, your organisation creates the one system to effectively manage the organisation’s objectives and goals. With an integrated system, the organisation and stakeholders have a clear understanding of the businesses overarching goal, and the policies and procedures in place to achieve it.

An integrated management system also makes auditing time significantly easier. With an integrated approach to management, your team and stakeholders will understand what’s required of them as your organisation continually seeks to achieve its organisational goal. From risk assessment to training, an integrated approach to management streamlines the staff onboarding process, clarifying procedures and the big “why do I need to do this?” question.

How BusinessBasics can help your business with integrated management systems

The team at BusinessBasics can help your organisation transition your existing management systems into a new integrated management system. This process will also identify any areas for improvement in the system.

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Get in touch with an experienced consultant today. We can help your organisation develop and implement an effective integrated management system to suit your needs.

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