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At BusinessBasics we make complying with OHS requirements simple. We can take the pressure off your business by handling your OHS compliance issues for you and providing all the outsourced safety management Sydney businesses need to keep their organisation safe and profitable.


What is safety management?

Safety management is the process of designing and implementing systems, policies and procedures to ensure workplace safety. Safety management needs to account for the health and safety of employees, contractors, suppliers and customers with a holistic approach to health that takes in both mental and physical safety and health.

Safety management is crucial to business success as it not only protects the safety and security of all stakeholders in your business, it also saves your business money, time and labour by minimising downtime and avoiding costly legal fees.

Our OHS training and consulting services Sydney

Our Sydney OHS consultants can provide a range of services, from one-off audits and training to regular consultation and fully outsourced safety management. Our OHS services include:

  • Outsourced safety management
  • OHS training and consulting
  • Safety audits 

Find out more about our services below and learn how we can make safety management and compliance simple.

Outsourced safety management

At BusinessBasics we can provide comprehensive outsourced safety management. This means you can choose to use us as your business’s safety management department. 

Our outsourced safety management services include specialist consulting, auditing, compliance and accreditation assistance for OHS, WHS, safety management systems and WHS legal requirements. 

Our experienced OHS consultants can assist your business with everything from conducting risk assessments to helping you achieve ISO 45001 compliance. With a diverse range of experience across industries including mining, construction, civil construction, distribution and logistics, manufacturing, retailing, wholesaling, and allied health services we can match your business up with a trained consultant who knows your industry inside and out and can deliver real value to your business.

Some of the ways our OHS consultants can help your business include:

  • Site risk assessments
  • Process and task risk assessments
  • OHS site plans
  • OHS management systems and plans
  • Risk control plans and risk management
  • Employee/worker inductions, training and competency
  • Hazardous substances
  • Safety inspections and audits
  • Supplier audits
  • Internal audits
  • Safety objective setting and performance management
  • Accreditation and certification audits and assistance
  • OHS / WHS / Safety management systems
  • Safety management systems and plans

If you need an OHS consultant Sydney businesses trust to deliver tailored, actionable OHS compliance solutions then using BusinessBasics as your outsourced safety management department is right for you. Get in touch today to find out how we can take the pressure off your business with expert outsourced safety management.

OHS training Sydney

At BusinessBasics we can take care of all business and site safety training and inductions. Our Sydney OHS training and consulting experts have the industry experience and qualifications to provide tailored training solutions for any Sydney organisation.

We can deliver everything from simple in-house training on new safety processes to detailed training plans and comprehensive inductions for new team members. Our experienced trainers can help with procedural training, upskilling and more and can deliver whatever safety training requirements you need.

Expert staff training is crucial to ensuring your staff perform to the required standard. When it comes to OHS training and consulting Sydney businesses can’t afford not to train their team, with safety hazards not just posing a physical risk but also posing a financial risk to your business. 

There is a wide range of benefits to conducting regular staff training including increased staff retention rates, improved motivation and better output from your workforce. 

At BusinessBasics we have a team of experienced OHS consultants located in Sydney who can help Sydney businesses of all sizes and sectors to achieve their safety management goals. Whether it’s induction training or help with developing processes, our Sydney OHS consultants can help. 

Not only are our training team experienced in a range of industries, they’re also highly skilled professional teachers who understand different learning styles and can tailor their training to meet the unique needs of your staff. 

Our consultants can create a training plan for your business to ensure new staff have the required skills to complete their job to your required level or can also assist your internal training team to improve existing training procedures.

Get in touch today for more information on how our Sydney OHS training services can help your business.

Safety audits

Safety audits are a review of a business’s current safety standards, procedures, and day to day activities against relevant legislation to measure the business’s safety compliance. Safety audits identify any gaps in the safety management system and provide data on which policies and procedures can be improved. 

At BusinessBasics we can perform all your business’s required internal system audits and site safety audits. We specialise in compliance and management solutions for organisations of all sizes across a diverse range of industries. We can help any business with:

  • General safety audits
  • Site safety audits
  • Project audits
  • Contractor and supplier safety audits

Our highly experienced team of consultants and auditors can also help develop audit tools for your business including safety audit and project audit apps, audit checklists and non-conformance reporting and action systems.

We provide safety audits for all businesses regardless of size, scope or sector with particular expertise in civil construction, mining, distribution and logistics, manufacturing and allied health services. No matter what industry you’re in, we’ll match your business with an experienced auditor who has in-depth knowledge of your sector. 

Wherever you’re located in the greater Sydney area and beyond our Sydney OHS consultants and auditors can come to you. We make safety compliance simple. 

Contact us today and ask us how we can help you grow your business and improve safety, performance and output with our expert safety audits.

Related services

We can also provide all the risk management consulting Sydney businesses need to mitigate workplace hazards, along with a range of Sydney ISO consulting services. We also deliver training, consultation, audits and outsourced management for quality management and environmental management systems, along with expert Sydney business management consultancy. We’ll help you to integrate all your business’s compliance requirements and minimise your administrative burden.

At BusinessBasics our Sydney OHS consultants can provide the above services as part of a subscription service with small monthly direct debits – ask us how today.

Increasing revenue

ISO 9001 certified businesses gain more revenue than uncertified businesses. With a greater level of satisfaction, your customers will be more willing to invest and share their positive experience with your business.

Meeting customer demands – every time.

By reviewing and improving your quality management system, you can meet customer expectations and offer consistent, high quality products.Retaining more customers and clients. As your products and services improve, your customers will be more satisfied and willing to return.

Gaining international recognition.

ISO 9001 is recognised worldwide and can be a critical factor in your business gaining access to government tender opportunities.

Improving internal processes.

A quality management system will help standardise your business operations and improve efficiency within your business. This will translate into more reliability, business growth, and quality products and services.

Decreasing performance-related issues.

You will develop standardised processes which reduce the likelihood of mistakes. Your team will also have better training and clearly established roles and responsibilities, increasing their confidence and team morale.

What are the benefits of outsourced safety management?

Safety management is crucial to the safety and financial security of your business, but it can be a real headache. Between compliance tasks, reporting and auditing it can be easy to become overwhelmed with the complexity and become swamped by the weight of safety management tasks. But it doesn’t have to be that way. 

There are many benefits to outsourcing your safety management including:

  • Taking the burden of safety compliance off your shoulders
  • Preparing your business for unexpected workplace incidents
  • Saving your business time and money

Taking the burden of safety compliance off your shoulders

With outsourced safety management you can put your business’s safety compliance needs in the hands of a dedicated professional. That means more time and headspace freed up for running your business, plus guaranteed safety compliance that benefits your business, your staff and your stakeholders. By outsourcing your safety management to professionals with years of experience in your industry, you can rest assured the health and safety requirements of your business are in safe hands and get back to running your business.

Preparing your business for unexpected workplace incidents

While there is no way of predicting the future there are ways to protect your business from the unknown. Workplace incidents can create injuries, illnesses, stoppages and interruptions to workflows, all of which can spell disaster for your business. By outsourcing your safety management you can rest assured you are as prepared as possible for any adverse events your business may experience.

Outsourced OHS management can help your business by:

Identifying and eliminating workplace hazards

The most crucial step in the safety management process is conducting an in-depth risk assessment and gap analysis of your business. During this step, your outsourced OHS consultant will review your business and its processes, policies and procedures then identify any areas of non-compliance, along with potential hazards and workplace risks.

Safety management is all about continual improvement. Your safety management consultant will help you not only eliminate risks but find opportunities for ongoing improvement, constantly identifying and minimising hazards to your workplace. 

Training and preparing staff to respond to and prevent workplace risks

Our safety management consultants can provide expert team training which ensures your employees are up to speed on your safety management system and can use the documentation and application features to maintain safety compliance.

With expert training your team will be able to identify potential workplace hazards and risks, then respond to them appropriately. This could include reporting the hazard, putting up signs to alert other team members until the hazard has been dealt with, or taking the initiative to minimise workplace risks proactively.

Staff training by safety experts minimises the chance of a workplace incident occurring while also ensuring team members know what to do in the event of an emergency or hazard.

Reducing your company’s downtime and the associated cost of disruption to operation

With a refreshed safety management framework and set of controls delivered by expert safety management consultants, workplace disruptions caused by safety issues can be minimised. Safety management can include putting in place an effective plan in place that ensures your business won’t grind to a halt following a workplace incident. 

This can be achieved through a range of practices including workplace insurance, employee insurance, public liability insurance premiums, or even an internal emergency fund in case an incident occurs.

Saving your business time and money

At the end of the day, you’re running a business and everything you do needs to be as efficient and cost-effective as possible — and that includes your safety management. By outsourcing your safety management to professionals you’re getting expert safety management services without the cost of hiring an in-house specialist. Furthermore, professional safety management services like audits, training and management systems can save your business money by reducing injuries, illnesses, downtime and legal costs and increasing staff efficiency. 

Hiring an OHS consultant Sydney specialist with BusinessBasics can save your company money by: 

Reducing the number of workplace incidents and accidents through effective risk assessment

Workplace injuries, incidents and accidents can cost businesses thousands of dollars in worker’s compensation and in employee downtime.

Businesses of all shapes and sizes need to take proactive steps to reduce the chance an employee has a workplace accident or illness. Safe Work Australia estimated the cost of workplace injuries and diseases in 2012-2013 as 61.8 billion dollars – of which businesses pay roughly five per cent. This translates to $3.9 million paid for by businesses across Australia related to workplace accidents and illnesses.

In reality, many of these costly workplace incidents could have been prevented with the implementation of a professional safety management system. 

Risk assessments, safety audits and inspections can help your business identify areas to improve the safety of your company in everything from policies and procedures, to signage, safety equipment requirements and training. Using professional OHS consultants, Sydney businesses can create a safe and healthy workplace for their staff with a reduced rate of workplace injuries — and reduced costs.

Reducing the likelihood of your business needing to pay fines, lawsuits, and penalties

The last thing you want for your business is to have to fight expensive legal actions. All it takes is one traumatic workplace injury to impact your bottom line and your reputation – and it’s certainly not worth the risk. 

Every business must abide by their State’s WHS legislation and non-compliance can be extremely costly. Failure to comply with safety regulations also creates the additional risk of your employees getting injured in the workplace.

Safety management helps business owners evaluate their processes and procedures and conduct gap analyses on their safety performance. Investing in outsourced safety management can help your company avoid expensive legal action along with costly delays and prolonged staff downtime. It can also put in place procedures and insurances to minimise downtime and costs in the event of a workplace incident. 

Improving staff morale and productivity

Staff who know their employers have their best interests at heart are more likely to stay on with the business longer and work harder.

Dedicated safety management helps create streamlined systems which also improves workplace efficiency. A well-running safety management system ensures staff are empowered to identify and eliminate risks, reducing their chances of workplace accidents. Staff will also have improved morale knowing they’re trusted with responsibility for the safety of the company and will be a valuable resource for improving your safety management system.

Which industries require safety consultants?

All businesses regardless of their size or industry should conduct safety audits and put in place sound safety management practices, however, there are certain industries that inherently pose greater risks than others. 

At BusinessBasics our Sydney OHS consultants are highly experienced in a diverse range of industries including mining, construction, civil construction, distribution and logistics, manufacturing, retailing, wholesaling, and allied health services. These industries are high-risk areas as they involve multiple stakeholders and a high potential for personal injury which increases the chance of a workplace safety risk occurring.

Sydney businesses come to us for safety consultancy services for a range of reasons. Common reasons we find Sydney businesses choose to invest in our Sydney OHS consultant services include:

  • Evaluating whether workplace processes and procedures comply with relevant regulations and legislation
  • Ensuring management and workers understand and comply with safety requirements. This includes Workplace Health and Safety (WHS), Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) and Environmental laws
  • Identifying potential risks and hazards in the workplace. This includes worksite safety, equipment use and hazardous materials
  • Ensuring health and safety activities are properly documented

Safety consultants provide professional and experienced advice to reduce workplace injuries, improve efficiency and identify opportunities for future growth. At BusinessBasics we go beyond compliance and provide real, actionable solutions tailored to your business needs.

iso 45001 migration underway

BusinessBasics independent health and safety consultants Sydney

As one of the largest providers of management and compliance services in Australia, at BusinessBasics we have dozens of experienced OHS consultants spread around the country including Sydney and the greater Sydney area. Our market-leading scale allows us to service everyone from small local clients to large national and multinational corporations and deliver true value to companies across a wide range of industries.

Our Sydney OHS consultants and auditors come to us with extensive real-world industry experience across a range of sectors. We don’t just provide “qualified” safety consultants – we match the best consultant or auditor to your needs and your industry. Your consultant or auditor will have extensive industry knowledge and experience and related safety management skills and qualifications, resulting in more relevant processes and more valuable outcomes for your business.

Our Sydney OHS consultants have extensive experience in a wide variety of industries including mining, construction, civil construction, distribution and logistics, manufacturing, retailing, wholesaling, and allied health services. As a result, our consultants can provide expert opinions and great context no matter which industry your business is in.

Wherever you are, our consultants can come to you and make safety management and compliance easy.

Contact us today to see how we can help your business. We have specialists in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Newcastle, the NSW Central Coast and elsewhere covering all of Australia and New Zealand.

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Can your outsourced safety consultants help with ICAM investigations?

Yes, we can help with ICAM investigations. Incident Cause Analysis Method or Incident Cause Assessment Method (ICAM) is an industrial safety process which aims to identify the root causes and contributing factors of workplace incidents. At BusinessBasics we can provide ICAM training and conduct ICAM investigations for your business and identify ways to prevent future incidents from occurring.

What are my responsibilities as a PCBU under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011?

As a person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU), you have the primary duty of care under the WHS Act. The PCBU is typically the employer and could be the CEO, agency head, organisation or individual. You are responsible for ensuring the health and safety of workers and visitors to your workplace. 

Your key duties are to:

  • Notify the regulator of any serious workplace incidents, injuries or illnesses
  • Duty of care obligations including provision of a risk-free work environment, safe work systems, welfare facilities, education, supervision and more
  • Prevention of workplace bullying
  • Consultation and communication with workers at all levels of your organisation
  • Ensuring all required authorisations are in place including licences, permits and registrations. 
  • Manage a listing of HSRs and Deputy HSRs
  • Set up work health and safety committees to develop and review workplace health and safety policies and procedures
  • Support work health and safety entry permit holders
  • Manage contractors either with sole or shared responsibility with the contractor

How much do your outsourced OHS consulting services cost?

Our outsourced OHS consulting services are tailored to each individual client, so costs will vary based on which services are required. The important thing to remember is that our OHS services are an investment not just in the safety of your business but in its financial future, too. We’ll help you mitigate safety risks and the costly effects of workplace incidents.

Our services are available on a one-off project basis or as a monthly retainer. Get in touch today to find out more.

Why should I choose BusinessBasics as my outsourced OHS consultant?

Our market-leading scale and wealth of experience allow us to service both small and large clients throughout the Sydney region and beyond. All our consultants and auditors come to us with extensive real-world industry experience prior to working with us, which means your OHS consultant has valuable experience in your sector and can deliver extremely useful insights into your safety management.  

We make OHS compliance simple, easy and stress-free and deliver real value to our clients through innovative, tailored OHS solutions.