10 tips for small business workplace safety


10 tips for small business workplace safety

We realise that running a business can be hard – particularly in the small business space, as you just don’t have the economies of scale that larger businesses have.

In regards to workplace safety, WorkCover NSW have provided their 10 things every small business should know list, which we’ve supplied below for easy reference.

The main thing is to make sure you don’t get overwhelmed when it comes to safety. Use a list like the below and systematically step your way through. If you don’t have the capacity or ability to do this internally, speak to a consultancy like BusinessBasics to help you.

  • Our compliance team can undertake site risk assessments and develop a WHS plan.
  • Our Human Resources professionals can help you with policies and procedures.
  • Our training team can ensure all staff and contractors are aware of their safety responsibilities.
  • Our planning experts can work with you on your operational planning.

If you feel like you’d like some assistance, please get in touch.


10 things every small business should know (from WorkCover NSW)

  1. Make sure you have a workers compensation policy if you need one – ie if you employ workers on a full-time, part-time or casual basis and pay more than $7500 in annual wages.
  2. Make time to talk about safety and get input from your workers. For example, regular ‘toolbox talks’ are a great way to keep safety top of mind and drill down into health and safety concerns.
  3. Make sure everyone, especially new or young workers, is properly trained and understands how to do their work safely.
  4. Be aware of potential safety issues (for example manual handling, working from heights, missing guards on machinery) and put in place safe working procedures.
  5. Provide adequate workplace facilities such as appropriate lighting, flooring, toilets and access to water.
  6. Have necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) available and keep a few spares and different sizes on hand so everyone is covered.
  7. Record any workplace injuries in a register to get on top of recurring safety problems.
  8. If there is there is a serious safety incident at your workplace notify WorkCover.
  9. Have a recover at work program to help injured workers return to work.
  10. If in doubt ask for help – give WorkCover a call on 13 10 50 or speak with your industry or business chamber contact.