2 ways quality management systems will help your business


2 ways quality management systems will help your business

If you read our recent post on the benefits of internal safety audits, you’ll know that when staff have a purpose and are trained, they’re happier and more productive.

Implementing a quality management system helps to define their purpose.

But that’s not the only benefit of implementing a quality management system. There are many advantages to a business – and happy staff is just one of them. We will focus on how staff can use a quality management system to achieve your business goals.

Quality management improves communication within your team to reduce costly errors

A 2010 study found miscommunication can cost even small businesses thousands of dollars. Communication within the workplace is critical to business success – not just profitability, but workplace culture and productivity.

If your business suffers from poor communication – a quality management system can help.

Don’t think of the quality management system as a bandaid on your poor communication within the workplace – it’ll be the opposite. It’ll open up and identify the various communication issues within the workplace, so you won’t be able to ignore them.

The good thing about implementing a quality management system is that your business will need to be in a position where communication errors are all laid on the table to be analysed.

Quality management systems will provide a framework for your staff – so they know the right process of communicating. It will be a clear and precise process and will relate to your business goals. Your business goals (which will be determined in the planning stage), will help guide the training of your staff, so they are continually building and improving the system.

When your staff know your business goals and know how to help the business achieve them, communication will be another building block to help grow the business.


Quality management systems can help your retain clients and get new ones

Once you’ve developed your quality management system, with all it’s processes and procedures, your management team will be ready to train the other staff in the business.

Your staff are key to the success of the quality management system because they hold the key to your customers. If your customers are happy, the business is running well, and if your business is running well and the customers are happy, the more likely they are to spread the word about your business.

Your staff have the power to grow your business exponentially, you just need to ensure they’re trained effectively. If business growth is a business goal, you can put systems in place to ensure your staff are making customer service the number one priority.

Knowing the businesses goals gives your staff a purpose. And having purpose is a powerful thing. It’s a motivational tool and can do amazing things for a business. Trusting your staff with the tools to help build the business is a serious thing.

It signifies trust and respect.

And staff who feel trusted and respected are far more likely to dedicate themselves to helping the business grow.

Quality management systems are more than just documenting policies and procedures. They can inspire a cultural shift in the workplace, motivating staff and encouraging clear communication.

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