2021 WHS statistics that prove the importance of ISO 45001

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2021 WHS statistics that prove the importance of ISO 45001

The importance of ISO 45001 in preventing workplace injuries and illnesses

As an employer, you have a duty of care to ensure your staff are physically and mentally safe. One of the easiest and most effective ways to do this is by implementing an ISO 45001 compliant safety management system.

What is ISO 45001?

ISO 45001 is the internationally recognised standard governing OHS management systems. This standard is designed to be applicable to any sized business in any industry.

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How can ISO 45001 help prevent workplace illnesses, injuries and accidents?

An ISO 45001 compliant OHS management system will ensure the mental and physical wellbeing of staff and visitors to your workplace. It can help prevent workplace incidents and illnesses by proactively and systematically identifying and minimising workplace hazards. It can also reduce your business costs by minimising the amount of employee downtime, reducing staff turnover and workers compensation paid and reducing your insurance premiums.

2021 WHS statistics that prove the importance of ISO 45001

Whatever industry you work in there are inherent risks to mental and physical health. From eye strain and carpal tunnel syndrome in office workers to crush injuries and vehicle collisions in heavy industry, there will always be dangers associated with your workplace. Read some of the most recent WHS statistics to gain some perspective on the importance of correctly managing your OHS with the help of OHS consultants and ISO 45001.

Australian work fatalities

The most sobering and shocking statistic of all: 183 Australians lost their lives due to work-related illnesses and injuries in 2018-19 (the most recent data available). With an ISO 45001 complaint management system in place, you can rest assured you’re doing all you can to minimise workplace risks and prevent tragic workplace deaths on your worksite.

Australian work related ilnesses

Workplace illnesses and injuries are more common than you may think, with hundreds of thousands of Australians suffering from workplace illnesses and injuries annually. With ISO 45001 you can put in place policies and procedures that minimise your company’s risk of becoming a workplace injury or illness statistic.

Australian workplace injuries

We often think of workplace health and safety incidents as being major catastrophic incidents like machinery failure or collisions, but in reality, it’s often everyday practices that cause long term and serious health effects. Incorrect handling techniques, unsafe processes and a lack of safety training can cause major health and safety risks for your staff.

time off due to illness or injury

While the health and safety of your staff is the number one concern, worker illnesses and injuries can also have a serious effect on your bottom line. By implementing an ISO 45001 OHS management system you can help prevent worker downtime, protecting the efficiency and profitability of your business.

Australian workers comp claims

Over 100,000 Australian workers made serious workers’ compensation claims (of one working week or more) in 2018-19. The most common reasons workers claimed were for body stressing, slips, trips and falls, and being hit by a moving object. With simple process improvements, many of the causes of these injuries can be reduced.

Time lost to workers comp

Workers recovering from WHS incidents can be off for weeks, months or even years. Not only does this mean paying out workers’ compensation and pick pay it also means paying to replace the worker with a temporary hire or contractor.

Workers compensation claims

Workplace accidents and illnesses don’t just impact your workers, they also impact your profitability. As well as the cost of paying out workers’ compensation you’ll be hit with higher premiums on your insurance following workplace incidents. An ISO 45001 OHS management system proves to your stakeholders that you take workplace health and safety seriously and can help to reduce both your costs and your risk of workplace incidents occurring.

Mental health statistic

ISO 45001 takes a holistic approach to workplace safety encompassing physical, mental and social wellbeing. According to Heads Up Australia 1 in 5 of us will take time off annually due to poor mental health, and up to 2 in 5 workers will take time off for their mental health if they’re working in a mentally unsafe work environment.

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