5 benefits of ISO 27001 certification

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5 benefits of ISO 27001 certification

What is ISO 27001?

The ISO/IEC 27000ISO family is concerned with information security. As part of the 27000 series, ISO /IEC 27001 is the standard for information security management systems, or ISMS. It’s designed to help organisations and businesses of any size, scope or industry safely manage the security of their information including third party employee information, intellectual property, financial information and other important assets.

What is an information security management system?

An information security management system, or ISMS, is a structured management system which contains a collection of security measures and controls designed to safeguard the security, integrity and confidentiality of an organisation’s information assets from vulnerabilities and threats.

What are the benefits of ISO 27001?

As the only auditable internationally recognised standard defining ISMS requirements, ISO 27001 can provide a wide range of practical benefits to your organisation. The standard, created by an international team of industry experts, sets out specific policies, processes, systems and procedures designed to manage and minimise information security risks.

Here are the ways implementing an ISO 27001 compliant ISMS and becoming ISO 27001 certified can benefit your organisation.

1. Prevent embarrassing security breaches

Data breaches can be caused by malicious attacks, system fault or simply human error. These breaches can seriously impact trust. By doing all you can to prevent hacking, cyber attacks and accidental breaches of your data you can shore up your company’s reputation and prevent embarrassing and potentially catastrophic data leaks.

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2. Avoid costly penalties

Not only can losing customer and employee data damage your business, it can also cause serious financial harm. Data breaches are extremely serious and organisations can be liable for hefty fines for non-compliance to data protection and information security.

3. Comply with Australian and international regulatory requirements

As ISO 27001 is a globally agreed upon and internationally recognised standard, your business will be in line with information security management system requirements around the world. ISO 27001 complies with the Australian Privacy Principles along with international regulations like the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Directive on Security of Network and Information Systems (NIS Directive).

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4. Easily keep up with your changing information security needs

ISO 27001, like all ISO standards, is designed to grow with your business and can be scaled to accommodate your changing security needs. Often when organisations grow rapidly responsibilities around security and information assets can become confusing leaving room for human error and damaging data breaches. With ISO 27001 you’ll always have a clear chain of command in place and avoid costly mistakes.

5. Reassure stakeholders of your commitment to cyber security

By advertising your business’s ISO 27001 certification you can reassure your customers, workers, investors and other stakeholders of your commitment to cyber security. ISO 27001 certification can be a selling point to help you gain important contracts with government agencies and other entities.

Do I need ISO 27001?

Every business is open to information theft, and regardless of your industry or size, there is always a chance you could fall victim to cyber attack or accidental data leakage. By becoming ISO 27001 certified and implementing an ISO 27001 compliant information security management system, you’re ensuring your company has the best possible chance of avoiding attack and protecting its vital information assets.

How do I become ISO 27001 compliant?

The easiest way to become ISO 27001 compliant is to engage the services of an experienced ISO 27001 consultant. At BusinessBasics our trained ISO 27001 specialists can ensure your business complies with all of the ISO 27001 requirements and is ready for certification. Your ISO 27001 consultant will perform a thorough information security audit and implement a unique ISO 27001 compliant ISMS for your organisation using Mango HSEQ management software. Once your ISMS is set up by our expert team you’ll be able to apply for ISO 27001 certification.

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