Cyber security for companies & small businesses: 5 hacks for protecting your cloud based management

cyber security for companies

Cyber security for companies & small businesses: 5 hacks for protecting your cloud based management

Cyber security for small businesses and large companies — how to ensure your cloud based management system is secure

Cloud based management systems are increasingly favoured by businesses. They’re easy to use, scalable and cost-effective. Cloud computing is also space saving and secure, However, there are security threats in cloud computing and preventive methods should be used to minimise risk. 

Cyber security for companies and small businesses is crucial as almost every aspect of our business is online these days. We’ve put together 5 simple hacks to improve cyber security for companies.

cyber security

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Our top 5 cyber security hacks for cloud management systems


1. Control employee access to cloud data 


We recommend you control the level of access for each member of your organisation by restricting what each member of your organisation can access, view and edit based on their role. For instance, ensuring sensitive data can only be accessed by senior management staff. 

It’s also important to have an off-boarding policy in place for when employees leave your company to ensure they do not have continued access to your data after they’ve left. 


2. Implement strong access security measures 


Access to your company’s cloud storage system should be protected by strong usernames and passwords, along with an ID key for an extra layer of security. Passwords should meet strict conventions to ensure protection from cyber attacks. An ID key can also ensure only members of your organisation or business are accessing your data. 


3. Use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption


Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is a method of encryption which protects sensitive information from hackers while it is transmitted between browsers and servers. In the case of a cloud based management system, SSL encryption prevents hackers accessing your company’s data as it travels between the server and your company. 



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4. Ensure data storage redundancy, backup and recovery measures are in place

One of the biggest factors in cyber security for small businesses and companies is data security. Data is everything to your business, so ensuring it is safe is crucial. Make sure your data is protected by a fully redundant storage system — this means your data is stored in multiple locations so that if one system fails, your data is protected. 

Proper backup and recovery measures help to ensure minimal disruption to your cloud based management system.


5. Choose a cloud based management system with a secure ISO 27001 certified hosting environment

ISO 27001 is an international information security management standard. Any cyber security you use should be ISO 27001 certified. The standard includes requirements which keep information assets secure by implementing, maintaining and improving information security management systems. 


Mango compliance solutions

Mango is a cloud based HSEQ management system which allows you to integrate and automate workflows and store all your business’s QHSE compliance documentation in one convenient place. Essentially Mango saves you time, money and headspace while streamlining your businesses and ensuring you maintain ISO compliance. 

Mango is also a highly secure cloud based management system. The following Mango features ensure cyber security for companies using their management solution:

  • Employee access management
  • strict username and password conventions 
  • Unique Mango ID keys 
  • SSL encryption
  • Data storage redundancy
  • ISO 27001 certified storage (Mango is hosted by ISO 27001 certified Microsoft Azure)
  • Best in class security

As official Mango partners at Business Basics we can assist with the entire Mango set up process, so your business can store compliance information, workflows and documentation all in one place, fast. 

We help ensure cyber security for companies every day with our compliance management systems. Find out how Mango can provide secure data storage and management solutions to your business — get in touch today.