Career pathways for ISO consultancy

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Career pathways for ISO consultancy

Thinking of pursuing a career in ISO consultancy? There are many pathways you can take. Turn your industry experience and passion for compliance into a rewarding and lucrative consultancy career.

Are ISO consultants in high demand in Australia?

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ISO consultancy is in high demand across Australia with almost 14,000 certifications across over 30,000 sites in 2020. The most popular ISO certifications sought by Australian organisations are ISO 9001 – Quality Management Consulting, ISO 45001 – OHS Management Consulting, and ISO 14001 – Environmental Management Consulting.

ISO consultancy career requirements

There are a range of pathways you can take to embark on a career in ISO consultancy. Below are some examples of training, qualifications, experience, expertise and personal qualities that will make you more in demand as an ISO consultant.


iso consultancy training

There are plenty of training opportunities in Australia for those looking to pursue a career in ISO consultancy. Here are some examples of training you can undertake to further your career.

Business Management and Operations

The McKinsey 7S model training
Business Management training
Human Resources

Training and Assessing

Cert IV Workplace Training and Assessment
Train the Trainer qualifications

Process Improvement

Six Sigma process improvement training


Quality Management
IT Management

OHS and Risk Management

OHS General Induction
OHS/WHS Risk Process

Environmental Management

Sustainability Assessments

Sector-Specific Training

Retail Operations training
Retail Management qualifications
Manufacturing Technology and Engineering


Third Party Auditing
Internal Auditing



The greater your scope of expertise, the more in demand you’ll be as in ISO consultant. Beloware some of the sought after areas of expertise for ISO consultants.


Quality Management Systems


OHS/WHS Management Systems
OHS/WHS Audits
Risk Identification and Management
Hazardous Substances Management
OHS/WHS and Environmental legal compliance


Environmental Management Systems


Intranet Development

Business Management

General Management processes
Strategic Planning
Business Objectives and KPI Management
Policy Development
Procedure Development
Business Analysis


Internal Audits
Document Management
Process Improvement
State Government accreditations
Federal Safety Commissioner accreditations
RTA/DMR accreditations



Many ISO consultants will take this career pathway after spending years or decades working in a particular field. Whether it’s manufacturing, retail, procurement, healthcare or mining, industry experience is invaluable to an ISO consultant as they have an understanding of the ins and outs of the industry and can more easily apply the ISO principles to its operations.

Personal qualities

An ISO consultant needs to be thorough and analytical with high attention to detail. Other desirable qualities include clear communication skills and good interpersonal skills. As an ISO consultant, you need to be able to communicate complex information to workers in a clear, unambiguous way.

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In-demand ISO consultancy specialisations

There are a number of specialisations you can work in as an ISO consultant. Below are the most popular ISO consultancy areas in Australia.

Quality Management Consulting – ISO 9001

Of the various ISO 9001 careers available, a Quality Management Consultant is in particularly high demand. In fact, ISO 9001 is one of the most popular ISO standards in Australia, with 1,791 certificates issued covering 17, 051 sites across the country – more than twice the number of sites of its nearest competitor.

OHS Management Consulting – ISO 45001

OHS Management Systems standard ISO 45001 just pips ISO 9001 with 1,872 certificates issued Australia-wide in 2020. OHS Management consulting is a rewarding career, allowing consultants to improve the safety and wellbeing of organisations.

Environmental Management Consulting – ISO 14001

Environmental Management systems ISO 14001 is Australia’s most popular standard with over 3,000 certificates issued in 2020. As enterprises increasingly look to minimise their environmental impact and avoid costly fines and wastage, ISO 14001 consultants will likely see increasing demand for their services.

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