9 industries that could benefit from cloud based logistics software

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9 industries that could benefit from cloud based logistics software

Businesses utilising management systems have the ongoing challenge of finding a system to safely store processes, documentation, and forms to demonstrate compliance.

Workflows often live in multiple locations. Several versions of documents can appear while others are lost. There’s no central access point for this valuable information, meaning employees can miss important updates, processes, and workflows.

If any documents are lost, you risk being non-compliant. It’s a risk your business cannot afford to take.

Cloud based logistics software is the answer. Completely secure and accessible by team members in the field, on the floor, or even working remotely, all team members have access to important documentation and updates to work processes via smartphones, laptops, desktops, and tablets.

Cloud based management is the ideal solution for a number of industries throughout Australia and the world, from healthcare to construction and even not-for-profit charities. In this blog, we share nine key industries that could benefit from the innovation of cloud based management systems.

Your industry could be on the list.

#1. Healthcare & the NDIS

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The healthcare industries have been slow to move to cloud based management for fear of losing patient information. However, cloud based management systems are designed to be confidential and compliant with the industry’s standards, meaning patient information is safe.

Medical facilities are often big, bustling places, too. A cloud based management system can help keep track pending or completed tasks, track patient history, assist with communication among medical staff members, and even communicate with patients. 

It could even be used to send referrals to other medical professionals.

It’s a far simpler and streamlined process than traditional paper record keeping. 

#2. Financial Planning & Insurance

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Financial planners, banks, and insurance companies could all benefit from cloud based logistics software. These are YMYL (your money or your life) businesses where data protection and client discretion is paramount. With so many clients’ personal and financial information on file, it is essential to keep this information where it cannot be accessed by outside parties.

On a similar note, moving from client-to-client and meeting-to-meeting, notes need to be made, invoices need to be sent, and compliance documents must be kept and updated.

A cloud based management system can remove the risk of lost or damaged documents, leaked information, and create a hub of on-the-go accessible data.

#3. Construction & Engineering

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It may surprise you, but the construction industry is very much data driven. 

Data is collected as projects progress. Usually, project managers and other team members access this data via team servers, desktops, individual laptops, and smartphones. Construction teams must be able to access this data on-the-go – without this data on-hand, wrong decisions could be made, the project could be delayed, and the overall performance and profitability of the project could be impacted.

Cloud based construction management is an affordable solution for team collaboration as well as storing, processing, and analysing data from contractors and subcontractors. 

Plus, cloud based construction management software can help with environmental risk management, quality control, and so much more.

#4. Production & Manufacturing

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Cloud based management software is being sought out more and more by companies with a heavy production component. Cloud based management systems can provide access to data from various locations anytime, anywhere, so companies with multiple factories can manage production remotely. 

So long as there’s an internet connection, the cloud can be accessed in the field and on the production floor, so all employees are connected and have a clear understanding of their roles as well as the processes of production, safety management, environmental management, and quality control.

It also allows companies to visualise the manufacturing and production process from creation to distribution, so a higher quality output can be generated.

#5. Education

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In the education system, teachers, administration team members, and IT support teams are continuously under pressure to improve their performance and services, while also adhering to an ever-tightening budget.

A cloud based management system can be a valuable tool for teaching and learning both in and outside of the classroom – especially in large schools with thousands of students and dozens of staff members spread over multiple buildings, campuses, and even countries.

A cloud based management system can assist with large scale printing, wide internet networks, specialist course support (like robotics training and mathematical modelling), student education apps, parent-student portals for centralised information exchanges, and streamlined internal communications (like IT management, scheduling, and billing). 

#6. Hospitality 

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Cloud based management is common in the hospitality industry, especially in hotel management. This software gives hotel managers a safe and dependable way to run their property (or properties), while also solving the problems most on-site management systems have. 

Thanks to the “anytime, anywhere” accessibility of cloud based systems, hotel managers can make updates and changes to how the hotel operates from a remote location. Plus, employees can access this new information on-site, so everyone is up-to-date on service standards and processes.

Hotel managers and employees can also monitor check-ins and check-outs, as well as the housekeeping schedule to ensure all rooms and facilities are clean for the next visitors.

Like any other service-based industry, the hospitality industry is also responsible for protecting their customer’s private information, meaning constant security checks and updates are required to ensure their information is safe.

A cloud based management system will automatically complete security scans and update to the latest security technology to ensure customer information is secure. 

#7. Real Estate 

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In the past, property managers used paper, email, and spreadsheets to keep track of trust accounting transactions, inspection notes, tenant requests, and tasks. Now, however, cloud based management systems have made it simpler for property managers to monitor their residential and commercial properties, as well as complete their day-to-day tasks.

The cloud assists with trust accounting, maintenance, inspection, communication and reporting features all in one place, taking the stress and time wastage out of digging for documents.

Additionally, cloud based management allows property managers to keep a digital paper trail – far more effective and reliable than the old paper trail. This makes account and trust audits faster, simpler, and more accurate when the time comes for a review.

#8. Law 

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Understandably, the legal profession has been slow to take up cloud based management, much like the healthcare industry. Protection client information is crucial not only for confidentiality, but also for the success of their case. 

However, many legal firms have implemented cloud based management software thanks to encrypted data transmission and storage which is password protector. With ISO 27001 certified tools on hand, lawyers can meet their rigorous confidentiality, professional secrecy, and third party data protection obligations.

With this reassurance, legal teams can also share files and collaborate remotely in real time without the risk of a cyber attack. For years, email communication posed a risk to cyber attacks and stolen information. Now it’s a thing of the past.

#9. Non-Profit Organisations & Charities 

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Cloud based logistics software can even help non-profit charities manage donations and performance. Donations come from many different sources and often in various formats from both anonymous and known sources. 

Compiling and making sense of donor data can be a complicated task, and donation data needs to be transparent for supporters to see how their money is being spent. Even a hint of financial discrepancy can be devastating on the charity’s reputation, meaning transparency and honesty is absolutely essential.

A cloud based management system allows team members to see all the donor data in one place in real-time, so everyone can monitor progress and and measure costs, response rates, financial returns, return on investment ratios, and the impact of programs and social events.

This system can also be used to send donors automated updates on how their donation has been used and create segments of donors for more targeted communication. 

How Mango cloud based logistics software can assist you

Now you’ve seen the benefits by industry, it’s time to look into effective cloud based logistics software to improve both productivity and profitability for your business.

Mango could be the answer for you – it’s the one place for everything.

Designed as a cloud based HSEQ management system, Mango integrates your management system documentation through the use of online forms, registers, and workflows. Your team also has the ability to complete this information on their smartphones using the Mango app.

All of your QHSE compliance documentation can live in one easily accessible (yet secure) spot.

Your business can integrate and automate workflows, as well as maintain your compliance documentation – meaning you can say goodbye to lost versions floating on your disc drive. Plus, you can save hours required for compliance management because you can eliminate double handling, multiple data entry, and multiple versions of documents.

We’re partners with Mango here at BusinessBasics, which means we can help your business sign up and get started with Mango. Contact us for more information about this innovative cloud based logistics software today.

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