Do you embrace employee career development?


Do you embrace employee career development?

Most people have a plan for their career, even if it is only a loose plan and in their head.

Developing a positive organisational culture can be assisted by a proactive approach to employee development. Rather than sitting back and letting staff decide on their own path – which could involve them ultimately leaving your company – you have the opportunity to work with them to clarify and achieve their goals.

As part of your overall business strategy, individual development plans for employees should be part of the process. This should obviously include individual and organisational KPIs, but should also include a training plan to provide upskilling opportunities.

Their training plan should cover skill sets they would like to expand upon and a timeframe for the training to occur.

The benefit to the organisation is a culture of continuous education. In addition, hopefully there would be lower turnover of staff, as they would feel encouraged to develop their career within the organisation – rather than seeking out new external opportunities.

Have a think about your own organisation.

  • Is training an afterthought and reactive?
  • Is training only focused on organisational needs and not individual wants?

Perhaps it’s time to develop a proactive and individualised training calendar? Let us know if you would like any help in this area.