You’re wasting too much time on repetitive tasks like data entry – here’s how to fix it

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You’re wasting too much time on repetitive tasks like data entry – here’s how to fix it

You might not notice it, but over time manual data entry can take its toll on your day-to-day productivity and profitability.

For example, the average business owner receives 304 emails every week. It takes around 16 minutes to refocus after fielding emails and in the end, the costs stack up. It’s estimated around $1,800 is wasted on unnecessary emails per employee each year.

$1,250 is wasted on spam emails per employee each year, too.

More than 40% of workers have reported that a quarter of their work is wasted on repetitive tasks like emails, data collection, and manual data entry every day. This is a massive loss of time and it’s a serious problem for your overall quality management system.

The good news?

In around 60% of occupations and industries, one-third of tasks can be automated or moved online for a faster, more efficient and productive workplace. In this article, we explain how to eliminate unnecessary time wastage on-site with a simple, cloud-based program called Mango.

What is Mango?

Mango is a cloud-based HSEQ management system that integrates your business management documentation through the use of online forms, registers, and workflows.

This means your team members can access important and valuable information no matter where they are.

Using the Mango Smartphone App, team members can access workflows, work through their day-to-day schedules and tasks, and submit information through Mango, adding some much-needed structure to their workday.

How Mango can make your workplace more efficient

Mango eliminates the need for manual data entries in spreadsheets and paper documents. There are no more hard copies – instead, all documents are now live and accessible online.

This is especially effective in group projects and large teams where news (like process changes, task changes, and priority changes) doesn’t travel as fast as it needs to.

Your team members will automatically be notified when changes are made to workflows and processes, so there’s no more double handling of documents and confusion when workflows change.

According to recent statistics, around 36% of employees become more efficient when approvals, signs offs, and updates are automated. With a cloud-based management system, your team members will be kept in the loop at all times and well-equipped to take on new challenges on-site.

All in all, Mango is designed to make your workplace a more efficient, fast-paced place.

How Mango can eliminate repeat data entry

Paper documents are perishable, unreliable, and 100% prone to loss. Before computers, millions of workers relied on paper and manual data collection, making things slow and methodical.

When computers came along, digital spreadsheets and documents made things faster – but there was still the issue of repeat data entry, making business owners and team members struggle to keep up with more important things like customer service and business management.

69% of workers believe automating data collection and entry, sign-offs and approvals, and updating documents will reduce wasted time. Around 66% also believe it will eliminate human error and recover hours of time lost to manual, repetitive tasks that could be automated.

With workflows, compliance documentation, analytical data, and training modules all available online through Mango, your team members can enter important information and other team members will be notified. The documents will be automatically saved and updated online.

Everyone will have instant access to this new information, reducing double handling and eliminating the risk of repeat data entries and wasted time.

Mango makes data entry quick, simple, and accessible for everyone on your team.

Ask us about Mango and how it can help transform your business into a more productive and efficient place

At BusinessBasics, we’re official partners with Mango, meaning you can integrate your compliance documents and services with your new cloud-based management system. We’re experts in all things Mango, so once you’ve signed up on their website, we can help set you up for success.

Give us a call on 1300 919 515 to learn more about Mango and find out how we’ll set up your new business management system. Your documents, workflows, and processes will be kept safe and sound with Mango, partnering with BusinessBasics.

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