3 ways an integrated HSEQ management system will make your life easier

integrated management system

3 ways an integrated HSEQ management system will make your life easier

Let’s face it, compliance management isn’t the most thrilling task in the world. You’ll likely need to manage and document a number of workflows and processes, consolidate multiple versions of your compliance documentation, and keep everything organised and stored safely. 

It’s a massive, on-going task that can take time and focus away from your bread and butter. But compliance management is too important to ignore. If you lose or mismanage any documentation, you could quickly fall foul of compliance standards. And that could be a big problem for your business. 

The good news is there’s a solution at hand. An integrated HSEQ management system will do much of the heavy lifting for you. 

Here are three ways a cloud-based management system will make your life easier.

#1. Keeps your documents in one place

Wave good-bye to disorganised Google Drives, digital desktops flooded with random files, and overstuffed filing cabinets. 

An integrated HSEQ management system will keep all your compliance documentation sorted and stored securely in a single location. That means all your critical documents will be easily accessible whenever you need to retrieve them.  

Mango is one such cloud-based management system. By maintaining your compliance documentation on one integrated platform, it will put an end to lost documents and frustrating hours spent searching your hard drive for the one that got away. 

Our experts at BusinessBasics can even build a Mango management system for you and train your team to use it effectively. 

#2. Minimises double handling

Compliance is not a set-and-forget proposition. Rather, it’s a process of continual improvement. That means processes, workflows, and documents often need to be tweaked, edited, and added to overtime. 

Without a good integrated HSEQ management system in place, you’ll likely run into the problem of managing multiple versions of the same documents, double handling documents, and doubling up on data entry. 

That all takes time and focus away from the higher-value tasks that bring in revenue. Mango will put an end to that by integrating your management system documentation through the use of online forms, registers, and workflows. 

Mango’s online editor also makes it easy for multiple people to add or edit documents, and the system automatically presents the most current version of all documents. 

#3. Enables continual improvement

Proving that you’re following a process of continual improvement is required to maintain your compliance. Working on your cloud-based management system over time is a great way to demonstrate you’re meeting this requirement. 

And when it comes to incident reporting, you can record and investigate all incidents through Mango with timestamps applied to each action so you’ll always be able to identify and fix any process or skills gaps. 

Mango also makes competency management easy. The system ensures the correct people are assigned to the right tasks and can automate training notifications and record keeping.

Your team can even use the Mango mobile app to complete their compliance management tasks while on the go. 

BusinessBasics is an official Mango partner. Our expert team of management consultants can help you get up and running on Mango. Get in touch now.  

Image: Pexels