Make workplace compliance and audit work for you, not against you!


Make workplace compliance and audit work for you, not against you!

The words compliance and audit can produce a shiver down the spine of many a manager, but these two words should actually be embraced.

Compliance is the framework to ensure your organisation meets any legal requirements, as well as industry or certification requirements. Audits are a helpful tool to let you see which areas may need fixing or tweaking and which areas you are excelling in!

From a legal standpoint there is a wide range of legislation that your business must adhere to, including WHS Act, Age Discrimination Act, Disability Discrimination Act, Racial Discrimination Act and Sex Discrimination Act – to name just a few!

Can you confidently state that your organisation meets all these compliance requirements?

If you are a member of an industry body that has certain requirements you need to make sure you are meeting those requirements. Because if you are not you may be outshone by your competitors or your customers could begin asking some difficult questions.

Our BusinessBasics consultants are specialists in compliance and can work with you to determine where your organisation is now and what you may need to do to become compliant. We can undertake anything from a single site audit to a complete ongoing management system.

If you’d like to know more about our compliance and audit solutions, please get in touch.