3 reasons to complete a business gap analysis after COVID-19

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3 reasons to complete a business gap analysis after COVID-19

We can all agree the world became a very different place in 2020.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how we behave and interact with each other, how businesses function and has shown us what kind of businesses can make it or break it in a world where severe limitations are the new norm.

The question now, then, is what success looks like in a world post-COVID and how business owners can achieve it.

Our number one point of advice is to plan ahead and complete a business gap analysis the second the pandemic breaks. The world is changing in a big way, so it’s essential to be on the front-foot and determine what needs to change for your business to succeed in a post-COVID world.

In this article, we share three reasons to complete a gap analysis, and how this can prepare your business for the future.

#1: You can review your health and safety protocols to ensure you’re prepared for future COVID outbreaks

One of the biggest changes to come from the COVID-19 outbreak has been a higher level of cleanliness and a major focus on public and workplace safety. Wherever you go, hand sanitiser is readily available and everyone is encouraged to wash their hands thoroughly, especially after coughing or sneezing.

Likewise, a trip to the doctor now requires a facemask to protect the health of doctors, staff, and patients alike.

In order to keep things rolling, businesses all over the world have been quick to implement these changes and increase cleanliness on-site. This has helped minimise the need for the self isolation of staff members and downtime for COVID cleaning, prolonged closure, or worse – permanent closure.

In a post-COVID world, business owners will need to continue their vigilance and create a safe space for team members and visitors on-site – whether it’s customers, clients, or suppliers.

A professional gap analysis can help determine where your occupational health and safety practices need to be improved to address COVID-19. Standards will continue to change to keep people safe – a compliance consultant can flag potential gaps and create new strategies to ensure you’re compliant with international OHS standards.

Plus, implementing new cleanliness and safety standards will show your team, your customers or clients, and suppliers that you’re committed to compliance and keeping the public safe.

#2: You can determine how well the business handled COVID and decide what needs to be done to reach your goals

Businesses all over the world felt the impact of COVID-19. In the initial panic, thousands of businesses lost customers and clients, lost a huge amount of revenue, and even faced the frightening prospect of permanent closure.

However, business owners were also quick to make changes to help keep their businesses thriving. For example, retail stores moved their focus to online sales and customer service. Restaurant owners introduced social distancing between tables and started offering home delivery options.

Fitness and education even moved online with Zoom classes.

Profits might not be as positive as they were before COVID-19, but businesses have adapted and continued to function.

Once the COVID-19 pandemic has ended, you will have a golden opportunity to review your business as a whole and determine what needs to be done to restore profitability and meet your business goals.

Again, a gap analysis is essential for improving business performance and profitability. For example, a compliance consultant might review your quality management system, OHS practices, and environmental sustainability, then provide recommendations to fill in the gaps for a greater return.

You might even be able to set new business goals and create a fresh vision for your business in a post-COVID world.

#3: You can upskill your team to deal with the new world post-COVID

With new management systems comes new training opportunities for your team members. Considering the impact of COVID on health and safety standards, your team members will have new protocols to follow – updated training modules will help them feel more comfortable and confident managing potential COVID-19 risks, and in turn, make the workplace a safer place for everyone, including customers and clients.

A gap analysis will be required to determine what training is needed to make your team members more productive and vigilant in a post-COVID-19 world.

At BusinessBasics, we can provide safety training and consultation, induction training for new team members, and ongoing safety inspections and audits to ensure your new management system is working.

No matter the industry, we can take the pressure off compliance issues and help minimise your administrative burden.

Get in touch with the team from BusinessBasics today. We have consultants in Sydney, Newcastle, Melbourne, and Brisbane ready to assist with your post-COVID business analysis – whenever you need it.

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