What compliance do I need for my business?


What compliance do I need for my business?

Asking what compliance you need to be aware of for your business is a little bit like asking how long a piece of string can be. The answer will differ, sometimes substantially, between businesses.

Being aware that there are elements of compliance for your business is the first step!

From a general perspective there are certain legislations that apply to all businesses. Laws such as:

But then there are other areas of compliance – which often dovetail into existing legislation – but can also help you to drive your business forward and set you apart from your competitors. This involves working towards achieving international accreditation in environmental management, safety management or quality management.

So then the questions moves beyond what compliance you need for your business, as to what compliance can improve your business.

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is an international standard-setting body. This means that by gaining ISO accreditation you have meet the requirements of a well-recognised and respected international organisation.

Quality Management

Often the concept of quality management can be misunderstood, but its purpose is to have businesses look internally at their processes, procedures and quality control. It’s also about ensuring your customer or client receives a product or service that meets or exceeds their expectations. In 2015 this standard had a number of significant changes made to it, meaning that the focus is on the output of quality, as well as providing more flexibility in what your quality management system looks like – as every organisation is different.

Environmental Management

A focus on the environmental management within your organisation is a smart business practice as it demonstrates your commitment to the environment within which you work and its wider impact on the environment within which you live. It helps you to streamline your waste management, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, find ways to reuse materials and much more.

Last year this standard underwent an overhaul and many of the changes are to assist small-medium sized businesses to realise that the standard can be applicable to them. It’s about having a life-cycle perspective, rather than a here and now perspective.

Safety Management

Safety management is obviously not a ‘nice to have’ element of your business, there are state laws which prescribe the minimum requirements. This standard is able to be used by any organisation, regardless of size and is about the processes and procedures you are able to put in place to minimize risk of harm in for your workers. A demonstration of high levels of safety management has also become a requirement for many tenders, so can quickly become an essential piece of compliance for the success of your business.

If you would like assistance with implementing compliance that will help your business succeed, please get in touch.