How Mango can improve your practices during COVID-19


How Mango can improve your practices during COVID-19

COVID-19 has changed the way we operate, and even long after the pandemic is over we’ll continue to feel its effects. The complications and changes to our daily lives caused by the pandemic along with the implications of future outbreaks have left many businesses scrambling to create processes and procedures that adhere to the new normal. 

With increased remote working and disjointed work schedules in the wake of COVID-19, whole-organisation compliance is more challenging than ever. 

An integrated compliance management system like Mango can streamline your business management and compliance processes, removing stress and uncertainty and putting in place actionable processes across your organisation, specifically in the areas of risk management, health and safety, quality and safety management. 

About Mango

Mango is an integrated cloud-based quality, health, safety and environmental management system solution. Including an innovative and easy-to-use app along with support from local experts, Mango is incredibly user-friendly and, more importantly, will save you time, money and headspace by integrating and combining all your compliance software. 

Using Mango to improve your practices during COVID-19

An innovative cloud based management solution like Mango can help you keep pace with the changes brought about by COVID-19.


1. Create a COVID-19 response plan


With COVID-19 outbreaks and surges incredibly unpredictable, it’s vital to have a response plan in place for your organisation. What happens if you have a case in your company? What happens in the event of another lockdown? 

With Mango you can:

  • Easily communicate with people across multiple locations
  • Create, share and update risk assessments and hazard analyses
  • Update risk assessments and plans with flexibility and ease 
  • Track and audit changes to your risk assessment and response plan
  • Make all changes immediately available across your entire company

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2. Establish policies and procedures around COVID-19


With ever-changing government requirements and the need for many businesses to be certified COVID-safe, establishing COVID-19 policies and procedures is essential to keeping your company running efficiently, keeping your staff safe and keeping your doors open. Procedures and policies for your company’s COVID-19 response could cover factors such as: 

  • Timeframes and prerequisites for employees returning to work after recovering from COVID-19
  • Procedures for temperature testing, COVID testing and working from home
  • Mobile health surveys conducted via an app, with the capability of sending findings to mangers
  • Procedures for reporting known and suspected cases of COVID-19
  • Company contact tracing and information sharing procedures

Thanks to Mango’s free app, all employees can provide COVID-19 data daily which can be reported to management in real-time, while policies and procedures can be easily updated and augmented with changes instantly available company-wide.


3. Provide employee training


Policies and procedures only take you so far if they’re not enforced. –This is where employee training comes in. It’s essential to train up your employees on infection risk reduction techniques and your company’s new COVID-19 policies and procedures. 

With Mango, you can schedule training and monitor completion rates to ensure company-wide compliance. You can also provide digital learning content and comprehension quizzes which measure staff education levels, all of which can be viewed by management to ensure all staff complete their required training. 

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4. Ensure compliance and control workplace COVID-19 hazards


Once COVID-19 policies and procedures are in place and your staff are trained in risk reduction, the next step is to ensure COVID-19 hazards are minimised through ongoing compliance. It’s vital to ensure compliance across the board to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19.

Mango can help ensure compliance by:

  • Conducting a gap analysis of compliance
  • Using your compliance gap analysis data to correct shortfalls in compliance
  • Scheduling, assigning and tracking inspections
  • Assessing compliance in real-time thanks to data visualisations and reports

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5. Future proof your business practices with Mango


Mango is entirely future proof thanks to its fully scalable features which can be instantly shared across your entire organisation. If 2020 taught us anything it’s that parameters can shift in the blink of an eye, and remaining nimble and adaptable is crucial to surviving and thriving in this new, ever-changing world. 

Improve confidence in your workers, customers and stakeholders with Mango.

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