What Does an OHS Consultant Do?

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What Does an OHS Consultant Do?

An OHS Consultant, also referred to as a WHS Consultant or a Workplace Safety Consultant, is an external expert hired to help improve your workplace safety practices. OHS Consultants are experienced professionals who understand industry-specific risks and can help employers ensure their workplace is safe.

Ultimately, it’s an employer’s responsibility to provide a safe environment for all workers. Visitors and contractors. ​​An OHS Consultant can do as much or as little as your business needs to achieve this.

Some business owners use OHS Consultants as their outsourced OHS department, others use them for training and certification purposes, while others use them for training, auditing and risk assessment.

Here is a list of the services an OHS Consultant can perform.

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Site risk assessments

An OHS Consultant can identify any health and safety risks that may be present in your workplace by conducting a site risk assessment. A site risk assessment takes into account the activities that will take place on-site, how those activities might impact each other, any inherent risks posed by the site, along with environmental factors like weather. These assessments can help you to identify and address potential issues before they become a problem or cause injury.

Process and task risk assessments

Process and task risk assessments involve analysing the processes and tasks associated with work activities to identify potential hazards. An OHS Consultant can help employers identify hazards in the workplace and develop strategies for managing, controlling or eliminating those risks. They will provide expertise on the specific hazards of each process and task, developing safe systems of work and implementing control measures to protect workers. They can also provide advice on recordkeeping, training and incident reporting to ensure compliance with relevant legislation.

OHS site plans

OHS site plans are an essential part of any construction or industrial project. OHS site plans are unique to a particular site, and will outline potential risks, hazards and processes for optimal day-to-day management. An OHS site plan outlines the measures that need to be taken in order to ensure a safe working environment for all those involved in the project.

This includes:

  • hazard identification and control
  • emergency procedures
  • personnel training
  • communication protocols.

OHS Consultants can provide invaluable assistance in creating a comprehensive OHS site plan that meets all relevant regulations, standards and industry best practice.

OHS management systems

Developed by OHS management systems help ensure that all workers are operating in safe and healthy conditions. All OHS management systems, or WHS management systems should be ISO 45001 compliant (read more about ISO 45001 consultancy below) and take into account physical and mental safety.

An OHS management system will provide employers with the tools to identify hazards, assess risks and implement control measures. This can include implementing policies and procedures, providing training, conducting audits and inspections and monitoring performance.

At its core, an OHS management system provides employers with peace of mind. By taking a proactive approach to safety, your business can protect its workers and ensure that everyone is working in the safest environment possible.

Risk control plans and management

Risk control plans are essential for any business. They provide a framework to identify, assess and control risks in the workplace. An OHS Consultant can help you develop an effective risk control plan tailored to your organisation’s specific needs. The plan will include strategies to minimise hazards, procedures to protect workers from harm, staff training and communication frameworks, and processes for monitoring compliance with safety laws and regulations. With the help of an OHS Consultant, you can develop a comprehensive risk control plan that will ensure your workplace is safe, efficient and compliant with all applicable safety requirements.

As part of a complete occupational health and safety package, OHS Consultants offer risk management services to help identify the risks associated with a workplace.

An OHS Consultant can assess existing conditions in the workplace to determine where improvements can be made to ensure a safe working environment, along with preventative measures like safety policies to mitigate future risks.

Employee inductions, training and competency

Worker inductions, training and competency are an essential part of occupational health and safety (OHS) in any workplace. OHS Consultants can help ensure that your training processes and procedures meet the necessary requirements and provide in-house training for your team. They can work with you to create tailored induction programs that provide all new workers with the skills and information required to understand and appreciate your workplace’s safety culture.

They can also provide ongoing training to ensure your staff have the relevant competency to carry out their duties safely. Competency assessments are tailored to each individual worker’s skillset, giving you the assurance that they can work safely within your environment.

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Hazardous substances

OHS Consultants can provide hazardous substances training, including hazardous chemical and dangerous goods management, chemical risk assessments and correct safety procedures.

They can ensure your hazardous chemicals or other dangerous materials are properly stored, transported, handled and disposed of in line with relevant legislation. They can also identify potential risk factors surrounding dangerous goods on your site and review your management systems to minimise the risk of dangerous goods-related accidents.

Safety audits

Safety inspections are an important part of occupational health and safety (OHS) management. An OHS Consultant can help you ensure that your workplace is safe and compliant by conducting thorough safety inspections. These inspections involve identifying potential hazards, assessing risks, and making recommendations for corrective action. In addition to helping you identify existing issues, they can provide proactive advice to help you minimise the risk of future hazards.

Supplier audits

As a business owner, you’re answerable for safety throughout your entire supply chain. Your procurement team needs to ensure all suppliers act within your business’s safety guidelines and any relevant legislation you adhere to. An OHS Consultant can conduct supplier audits as part of your overall OHS management.

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Safety objective setting and performance management

A crucial aspect of safety management is establishing objectives – in other words, figuring out what safety excellence looks like for your organisation and setting achievable targets for achieving it. Your safety objectives need to be measurable, achievable and time-sensitive and should set clear expectations.

An OHS Consultant can help your management team set safety objectives and put in place measures for monitoring safety performance. They can prioritise areas for improvement and help you create an itemised list of safety objectives for your business to work towards.

ISO 45001 certification audits and assistance

ISO 45001 is the International Organisation for Standardisation’s standard for Safety Management Systems. Whether you want to obtain certification for the first time or need to renew your ISO 45001 certification, an OHS Consultant can help you achieve compliance and prepare your organisation for certification.

They can conduct an ISO 45001 gap analysis to find areas of non-compliance. They can then provide you with practical steps to bring your organisation up to speed and achieve ISO 45001 compliance.

Outsourced OHS Management

There are a range of benefits to outsourcing your OHS management. An OHS Consultant can act as your outsourced OHS management department. They can provide all the above services, or whatever combination is required, filling the role of an in-house safety management officer without the cost of taking on a full-time employee.

OHS with BusinessBasics

At BusinessBasics, our OHS Consultants can help your business not only maintain safety on-site but also secure its reputation as a safe working environment. Our team can help you not only achieve ISO 45001 compliance but help you take a proactive approach to workplace safety, helping improve team performance, reduce costs and create a healthy and safe workplace for your team. Get in touch today to learn more.