6 Reasons to use MANGO as your ISO 9001 implementation software

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6 Reasons to use MANGO as your ISO 9001 implementation software

The benefits of using a quality management system have long been known by businesses, but many still face the challenge of keeping up with quality management requirements. MANGO was developed with the express purpose of helping businesses manage not only their quality management system but the environmental management and health and safety management systems too.

This unique software brings together all three management systems into a single solution.

The Challenge: Businesses often have fragmented systems and outdated manual spreadsheets, hard copy forms and other disparate elements to their quality management systems. With information getting lost in the mix, and often inconsistent processes across branches, businesses are often at serious risk of non-compliance with ISO 9001.

The Solution: MANGO removes the need for cumbersome manual input and repetitive tasks and provides automatic reminders on all compliance matters such as certifications, training, forms and more, combining all compliance and reporting elements into a single cloud-based solution.

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MANGO’s ISO 9001 module covers a wide range of compliance areas including:

  • Audits
  • Policies and procedures
  • Training records
  • Non-conformances
  • Corrective actions
  • Plants and equipment
  • Suppliers and contractors
  • Management reviews
  • Document updates and archives


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Why you should use MANGO as your ISO 9001 implementation software

This quality management implementation and management software goes beyond compliance and provides real value by streamlining everyday processes and providing superior visualisations of real-time information. With an ultra user-friendly dashboard and advanced integration capabilities, there are endless reasons to select MANGO as your ISO 9001 implementation software.

It’s not just for ISO 9001

Combine all your ISO compliance in one user-friendly place. Along with its quality management module, MANGO contains modules for WHS management, environmental management, all of which are contained in one cohesive, simple and ultra-clear cloud-based management system.

You’ll never forget a compliance task

With superior process automation, you’ll never forget another ISO 9001 compliance task. MANGO ensures your company stays ISO 9001 compliant by providing reminders for things like compliance reports, staff evaluations, training and more. ISO implementation and ongoing compliance will become virtually automatic with little input needed from you.

It helps maintain consistency throughout your organisation

One of the most common pitfalls businesses face in ISO 9001 implementation is ensuring consistency across their entire organisation. MANGO provides transparency on compliance tasks across your whole company, even across multiple branches, meaning all staff can see at a glance where a task, project, training module or requirement is up to.

Plus, the events module keeps things moving even when staff are away, ensuring consistent performance regardless of staffing levels.

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You’ll gain greater visibility over your business

With real-time reporting and information you can see at a glance exactly how your business is performing and identify areas of non-compliance. MANGO’s Dashboard offers an overall status and instantaneous visual data across all ISO 9001 modules. Plus, with remote cloud-based access, documentation, statistics and information are available to anyone who needs them, anytime and anywhere by logging on or accessing MANGO via the app.

It’s cost-effective and scalable

Cloud-based management systems are known to reduce business costs significantly by removing redundancies and eliminating double handling and by removing the need for expensive on-site equipment. By removing outdated physical forms and spreadsheets less time is spent on manual data entry and the risk of losing information is massively reduced. Plus, MANGO is designed to be fully scalable, meaning it can grow with your business and expand across multiple locations without the need for additional software or hardware.

It’s customised to your business

This isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution but a custom piece of software tailored to your unique needs. MANGO can be easily customised to your business, containing everything you need and nothing you don’t. It comes ready-to-roll with advanced integrations and connectivity to help your business implement, run and continually improve its ISO 9001 management system.

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Learn more about MANGO’s ISO 9001 implementation software

With no lock-in contracts and fully customisable solutions, MANGO is fast becoming the preferred choice for ISO 9001 implementation in Australia. To learn more about MANGO and how it can make ISO 9001 compliance simple and stress-free for your business, head to our MANGO information page and book a demonstration today.

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