35 fatalities in 2015 already

35 fatalities in 2015 already

Safety needs to be a priority for all workplaces

We were shocked to learn that only a few months in 2015 and there have already been 35 fatalities (as recorded by Safe Work Australia).

Ross Greenwood recently penned a very insightful article that looked at the emotional and monetary cost of neglectful safety practices.

If you look at safety from a business perspective only, workers compensation claims could be costing Australian businesses close to $100 billion per year. Yes, you read that right – $100 BILLION.

He made a very good point that in the SME marketplace, often safety is overlooked through ignorance or as a result of ad-hoc growth.

But an extreme accident in the workplace of an SME can often destroy a company.

BusinessBasics work with many SME clients who are aware of this and extremely motivated to put safety at the forefront of their strategic planning.

Some tips we have when it comes to strategic safety planning include:

Making safety a crucial element of your vision, mission and values.
Management communicating the importance of safety as part of the company culture.
Empowering your WHS team to think innovatively when it comes to safety.

If you would like to develop a positive safety culture in your workplace, please contact us.

Editor’s note | As of 14 April 2015, the figure is now 44 fatalities.

Image Source: News Limited