Clean up your desk, pronto! Put your health and safety first

Clean up your desk, pronto! Put your health and safety first

Were you aware that today is ‘National Clean Off Your Desk Day’?

Whilst today may not be a national holiday, it does serve as a helpful reminder to ensure your workspace is as efficient and conducive to work as possible (and good for your health and safety).

A survey from a few years ago had some interesting findings, with 90 per cent of respondents admitting that clutter has a negative impact on their life. So with this in mind we have a few little questions we’d like you to ask yourselves:

  • Do you have an overflow of paper on your desk?

If so, consider how much of it is actually necessary. Do you print out emails or memos as reminders?

Could it be better to create an electronic reminder instead?

  • How many knick-knacks and clutter do you have collecting dust?

We’re not saying that your desk needs to be soulless, but consider if these items are more annoying than pleasant to view.

  • Do you have stacks of notes and post-it notes as reminders?

And then next question to ask is, if so, how old are they?!

Sometimes it can be scary to realise how long you’ve been putting something off, looking at a post-it note reminder each day.

  • Is your workspace ergonomic?

Some basic changes can do wonders, such as having your mouse on one side and your phone on the other.

In addition, make sure you have a comfortable and practical chair and that your computer monitor is the correct distance from your eyes.

  • When was the last time you disinfected your workplace?

If this question has stumped you – it’s been too long!

Take the time today to give everything a good wipe over and make sure you’re getting ride of any desk bacteria that’s taken up residence.

In this age of technology, we consider that cleaning your desk can also mean organising your computer as well. So here are some computer based questions as well.

  • How full is your Inbox?

If it’s overflowing it’s time to respond, action, delegate and file!

  • Are you able to easily find files when you need them?

Make sure you are using practical and consistent file naming conventions.

So use today as an opportunity to sort your desk and workspace out, and you could reap the benefits of increased productivity, a more positive outlook and a surge of motivation!

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