Variety Bash | Durka Merca (Car323) Diary 18 May 2015

Variety Bash | Durka Merca (Car323) Diary 18 May 2015

After a wonderful restful evening at the Hilltop Retreat Young I was off to Young North Public School for Breakfast. Variety Bash Donated $4500 to the school along with a whole range of other goods for the kids at Young North to enjoy.

We set off with Ants behind the wheel – he is a slow learner but with a bit of work I got him there.

We were on our way to Matong Public School and you guessed it – the long way around again. After a short drive on the sealed road we hit the gravel again.

Just before we arrived I achieved a first, we finally overtook another car (well-done Ants!)

In Matong for lunch and again Variety Bash dug deep and donation $ 3500 plus other goods to the school for the kids.

With a racing start Baz was behind the wheel and I had to break another new driver in. We set off on your afternoon adventure. I was feeling goods and really stretched my legs…

As I mentioned earlier this was a day of firsts and Baz overtook another car – on the dirt this time!

As we with getting closer to the end of the day I felt a little soreness in one of my CV joints, after I mentioned this very loudly to the crew they took a look and after breakfast in the morning I am off to the Car Doctor to see what is wrong.

I hope all is going to be OK, but I don’t feel my old self.